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Label Printing Business

What is Label Startup...?

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Label Startup helps you start a business printing labels for other companies.

Yes, Label Startup was created to help people earn extra income by printing labels for other companies. Label printing is a massive multi-billion dollar industry that offers a ton of opportunity.  We show you EXACTLY how to enter this industry and the different ways you can create income.

Here's how it works...

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Build Your Business

We help you build a label printing business with a 15+ year proven blueprint. Work with a business coach who will guide you through the startup process and help you along the path to owning and operating your own business.

Launch Your Business

Launch your new online label printing business. Know where to find customers, what to say to them and how to earn their trust. Have a big impact with a professional website and engaging media.

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Box Delivery

Grow Your Business

You focus on the growth of your business and scale it to as large as you want, we take care of the rest! We will print and ship your orders while you enjoy spending time doing what's important!

What Our Startup's Are Saying...

I would definitely recommend taking the training from Label Startup! I was able to start a business without being too overwhelmed because of the step by step process they provide. In the first 4 months of starting my business, I have made $10,000 and the orders aren't slowing down!

-Whitney M.

Label Startup Gives You The Tools And Training Needed To Start your Own Label Printing Business!

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Label Startup shows you the exact steps of how to build a label printing business from the ground up, even if you don't have any business experience.

✔️ 4 Week Startup Process

✔️ 1 on 1 Coaching

✔️ 6 Module Curriculum

✔️ Print Launch Exclusive Membership

✔️ Professionally Designed Website

✔️ Business Tools and Resources

✔️ Training Videos and Courses

✔️ Provided PDFs and Workbooks

✔️ After Startup Business Evaluation Call

With our tools, resources and strategies, you'll know exactly how to find your ideal clients and what to charge to maintain consistent, profitable growth.

We Show You Exactly How We've Done It for Over 15 Years

For years we have benefited from the convenience of owning our own label printing business. We have been approached by many, wondering how we got into the industry.  


With over 15+ years of experience, we finally share  our experience with a step by step process of what is needed to create a profitable and easy to manage business, exactly how we have done it.

Trent  & Gloria Mugleston


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Get Access to One on One Training, Our 6 Module Curriculum, Video Content, Business Tools and More!

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✔️ 4 Week Startup Process

✔️ 1 on 1 Coaching

✔️ 6 Module Curriculum

✔️ Print Launch Exclusive Member

✔️ Professionally Designed Website

✔️ Business Tools and Resources

✔️ Training Videos and Courses

✔️ Provided PDFs and Workbooks

✔️ After Startup Business Evaluation Call

  • Module 1: Introduction and Getting Started
    Develop a clear understanding of what the label industry is and your new roll as a business owner. We layout the road map to get your business up and running and the checkpoints along the way. In this module we focus on getting the structure of the business built and the necessary components to be up and running.
  • Module 2: Success Through Systems
    Having simple and clear systems is key to running a business that operates efficiently and will allow you to have flexibility in your schedule. In this module we walk you through the structure that will be used to help you build your label printing business and all of the necessary components to it running and operating profitably.
  • Module 3: Marketing
    In this module we will be going over the in's and out's of marketing your business. Here is where we build the framework so that when you're ready to launch, there is no question your business is equipped to help your clients out. We begin the process of building a strong social media presence and launch your beautiful new custom website.
  • Module 4: Sales
    Learn the sales secrets that could find some of your best clients. In this module you will learn how to corner a niche that most don't know about or even have the capability to access. From receiving orders online or in person to building out proofs and quotes, you will learn how to manage your clients like a pro so they keep coming back time and time again.
  • Module 5: Operations
    Learn the necessary skills in our graphic development software that will allow you to prepare graphics for proofing and print like a pro. Have access to tools and resources to help you be efficient in your process. Learn to manage the the flow of your business operations from approval to delivery.
  • Module 6: Accounting
    We help you setup your payment system(s) and teach you how to use your money management software so when it comes time to open for business, your company is running like well oiled machine.

This Program Will Help You, No Matter Where You're At In Your Personal Journey

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Side Hustlers

You have no intention of throwing in the security of your full-time job but you’re keen to making some extra cash on the side to supplement your extra curricular activities and expenses.

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First Time
Business Owners

Gain expert knowledge so you don't have to learn the hard way. It's an exciting yet scary jump to do your own thing. Having a program to help you every step of the way will ensure a quick and easy startup.

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Grow your portfolio in a billion dollar industry with a focussed business strategy. You're busy and time is valuable. A business that cashflows while you focus on growing your wealth is exactly what you're looking for.

Parents and Daughter

Work From Home Parents

Family comes first and time away from them in the work place means difficult days with little ambition. If you're going to use your time and energy to build a business, why not it be your own.

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