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Hey there, we are Trent and Gloria Mugleston. We are the founders and creators of Label Startup. We have been in the label printing business for over 15 years and are ready to share our knowledge of owing a label printing business with you!  Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our experience in this industry and why this is such a great opportunity. Many people have asked us how we got involved in this niche market. We are excited to share our story and educate others on how they can enter this essential industry and start making money from home.  

Our Story

Have you ever asked yourself the following questions:

  • "Is it possible for me to start a business from home that will allow me to spend more time with my family and friends?"

  • "I'm busy enough as it is with work/school/family. Do I really have the time to start a business on the side just to earn some extra income?"

  • "How can I build a business that produces income, freedom and flexibility?"

  • "How can I become my own boss and take back my time."

If so, then you are where we have been!​

Whether you're a stay at home mom, have a 9-5 career or already own a business, we've been there and can relate to the ups and downs of earning income. Throughout our marriage, our label printing business has been the most predictable source of income we have had. The best part is that it doesn't consume a lot of our time. 

It is not a difficult business to run, most of the work is in preparing the labels for delivery and it continues to produce passive income for our family for over 15 years.

It Wasn't Planned

We have always been entrepreneurs at heart.  Growing up, Trent's parents owned a commercial embroidery business and he was exposed to that industry from a young age.  After we were married, we were looking for ways to make some extra money while attending college. His parents approached us about purchasing a screen printing machine and starting a company to print graphics on shirts for their customers. This seemed like a fun thing to do and a way for us to generate income to start our new life together.  The only problem was that we had no idea how to start a business, how to create graphics or run a screen printer. 


Back then, we didn't have Youtube videos or online courses at the click of a button to show us how to start a business, let alone how to get started in a specific industry like screen printing. It took a lot of trial and error, money and tears, but we finally found our rhythm and before we knew it we were working out of our own building with two commercial print presses and a running a small team of employees.  While trying to figure out new ways to generate more income for our growing business, we realized that there was an opportunity in our small town to provide graphic design and signage options to our customers. Without any kind of training or background, we purchased a large format printer and entered the graphics and commercial sign industry, heading right back into the trail and error phase of starting a business. It's almost funny to look back now and think about the amount of time, money and personal sacrifice that would have been saved if there was access to business coaching back in those days! 

Our business and family were growing when the 2008 global financial crisis hit.  Many of our customers were in the construction industry and were hit hard during this time. The ripple effect reached our business and forced us to start looking for ways to generate more income. 

It was around this time that Gloria's brother approached us about partnering with him to open a local bakery that sold cupcakes, cookies and drinks. This is where our label printing story begins. We realized that we could use our equipment that we purchased for our sign company to create labels for our new bakery. We put labels on all of our packaging in our bakeries like boxes, cups, and bags.  The importance of labeling every product that walked out our door cannot be understated.  Marketing and creating brand awareness propelled our bakery to go on to open three more locations over the years and employ over fifty people. We understood the need to build brand loyalty and knew that there were probably other small businesses that could benefit from our ability to print labels. 

Other local companies noticed what we were doing and asked if we could start printing labels for them as well. Our first order was for a few thousand labels for a company that sold individually wrapped caramel and chocolate treats, soon they were ordering upwards of 25,000 labels each month. Then it hit us... we are making money off of every item that leaves these businesses doors. As long as they are buying labels from us, we get a small cut of everything they sell.  What if we could find a few more companies just like these guys? And that is exactly what we did.  Soda shops were a new concept at the time that sold custom flavored sodas, cookies and more. These companies sell tens of thousands of drinks each month! We picked up a few more clients in this industry and the next thing we knew, label printing was the most profitable part of our business. 


With just a handful of clients that order each month, we are able to generate an impressive, passive income for our family that has blessed us for many years.  We have been able to include our children in our businesses and have taught them the importance of generating multiple streams of income. 

What It Looks Like Now


We now have a beautiful custom office in our home where we can work or be with the family whenever we want.

We sold our screen printing and bakery business in the last 10 years, but decided to hold onto our large format printer and continue working our label printing business. Why? Because it takes virtually no time to manage and we earn passive income from the repeat orders that keep coming in month after month.

We currently run our label company from home and still use the same printer we've had since the beginning.  We've printed millions of labels over the years and our system has stayed the same.  We are now ready to share what we have created and help others to reach their financial goals by owning their own label printing business. 

Our family benefits the most from our label printing company.  We get our kids involved in the business as often as possible and it is so fun to show them how we are able to take that vacation or buy that toy with the money that we are making from printing labels. 


It has allowed Gloria to be at home with the kids and spend valuable time with them. She earns money for our family and still gets to focus on them without work being a major distraction.

If any of that sounds good to you, then you're in the right place. Let us show you all that we've learned over the past 15+ years of running a label printing business.

It may have taken us months to start making money and years to hit our goals, but you can avoid all the mistakes we made.  With our coaching courses you can get started in the industry and have the knowledge and tools to be successful from the beginning in your own label printing business. 


Our family recently took a vacation to Disneyland and spent several days at the beach- all because of our label business!

Ready to start your own company?

Apply now for an opportunity to own your own label printing business and work directly with us!

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